Kenya’s iCow

Traditional farming in Guinea, West Africa

Traditional farming in Guinea, West Africa (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Africa is a continent that is on the rise and examples of how mobile technology is enhancing everyday life are plentiful. Large tech-focused companies such as Microsoft and Google are investing heavily there, sub-Saharan Africa has the fastest growing Mobile Market in the world and innovative Mobile solutions such as M-PESA are developed by young, ambitious entrepreneurs. Digital technology is being used to overcome the continent’s obstacles for growth such as the use of text-based monitoring in the elections in Kenya, mHealth to improve the continent’s healthcare and in money and education.

Kenya’s iCow is another example of how mobile App development can help people in traditional farming jobs, in a continent where the majority of work is still very much agricultural. Whereby it has been difficult to find solutions to long-standing problems, Mobile technology has allowed people to find these solutions and leap-frog previous technological advances. The iCow works off a very simple premise, it allows farmers to register their cow with a text and receive regular updates on gestation periods, when cows are most likely to be ready to mate, as well as information on recent outbreaks of diseases.

42,000 farmers have signed up, which is a small percentage of Kenya’s farming population, so the potential is huge for a product that has already been said to have improved the lives and productivity of farmers by giving them more power and control over their livestock.

In a continent where many countries are now witnessing incredible growth in Mobile usage and where internet access through Mobile web is far out-stripping Desktop access, iCow is another example of progress in a continent ripe for investment and opportunities.


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