The mobile dichotomoy between Kenya and China

China’s phenomenal growth over the past decade has been no more apprent than in its relationship wth Africa, in particular Kenya, Uganada, Tanazania, Rwanda and Burundi. Over the last few years, Kenya’s imports from China have rocketed to huge levels, but this has come at a price to the mobile hardware industry. Counterfet Mobile goods imported into Kenya from China are costing the economy millions and are stiffling growth in the sector. At worst, environmentalists also see a problem with the counterfeit goods in terms of higher levels of raiation emitted from counterfeit goods.

Clearly, a balance is needed in Kenya (currently a shining star in mobile technology in Africa) between the desire for mobile and internet access and the validity of the population being able to afford newer phones. Nobody should be denied access to the internet, and counterfeit phones are simply a stepping stone towards an internet-enabled population, which is good for everyone.


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